Q:How do I nominate my company?

Nominations are not open to companies/individuals for self-nomination. Companies are selected strictly by Frost & Sullivan's analyst team following a rigorous measurement based methodology to select leading companies in Australia's ICT industry for each award category.

If you would like to know if your company has been selected, please contact

Ms. Sharmin Jassal at sjassal@frost.com

Q:Are there any fees associated to being short listed?

There are no fees associated if your company is chosen to be a recipient of a Frost & Sullivan Australia Award.

If your company is chosen to be a recipient of a Frost & Sullivan Australia Award, you will be furnished with a framed certificate and; two (2) complimentary tickets to attend the Awards banquet to receive your plaque. As an Award recipient, you are free to publicise this award within your company. However, if you wish to leverage this award for external publicity directed at the industry, your customers, potential customers, & the media, we recommend our Best Practices Promotional Package so you can equip yourself with all the essential tools for this award & maximize your marketing efforts. Our Promotional Package includes:

  • A customized logo for use on your company website for a year, marketing collateral & in all communications materials
  • An official Frost & Sullivan press release announcing your award specially drafted for your publicity activities posted on www.frost.com
  • Exclusive analyst quotes suitable for all marketing collateral materials with reference to the Award for a year
  • Official photos (in digital format) from the Awards ceremony
  • Award Commendation: customised 3-page document showcasing the recipient of the Award: Includes an overview of the market, description of the Award & the Awards methodology , & a write-up about the Award recipient.
  • Link from your corporate website to the Frost & Sullivan Australia Best Practices Awards website via the Frost & Sullivan Award logo

Note: All Frost & Sullivan's logos, associations, branding etc is the property of Frost & Sullivan. As an award recipient, should you plan to use the "Frost & Sullivan Awards" branding in external communications activities, you would need to purchase the rights in order to publicise this recognition to your target audience

Q:How can I participate as an attendee to ICT 2007 and/or for the Awards ceremony if my company is not an award recipient?

Both events are open to all industry participants. If you would like to attend, please contact Ms. Sharmin Jassal at sjassal@frost.com

Q:I am interested to participate as a panelist at ICT 2007. How do I approach this?

Please contact Ms. Sharmin Jassal at sjassal@frost.com for more information on how to participate as a panelist in ICT 2007.

Q:How does Frost & Sullivan deal with confidentiality issues especially when a short listed company shares confidential information for Frost & Sullivan to prepare its evaluation on each company?

Frost & Sullivan takes every precaution that the information supplied by companies is kept confidential at all times. Frost & Sullivan will not use information gathered for the Awards for publication without prior consent from each company.

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